ATTENTION: Seasoned Coaches who want to make a difference in the world with your work
Mariana C. Ruiz
The Impact-Driven™ Entrepreneur

Build a profitable, sustainable coaching business online that gives you freedom + makes a difference in the world
When? May 3, 2018
Free Masterclass Reveals:
7 Online Business Growth Myths Debunked: The shocking myths in the online coaching world that keep you small
+ Plus, You'll get a chance to ask me questions and get support for your unique business
Here Is A Peek At What You Will Learn From This Masterclass:
Myth #1: Posting In Facebook Groups Positions Your As An Authority
How to position yourself as an authority in your industry (hint: it does not include posting in 6 Facebook groups).
Myth #2: You can magically attract clients through mindset work alone
How mindset work and manifesting really work and the piece that most people totally gloss over in getting what you want.
Myth #3: You have to compromise your values to build a profitable online business
How to become profitable doing work that fulfills you while staying true to your values of authenticity, integrity, and freedom.
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