Take your content from blah to effectively moving people through your sales process (without being sleazy)

Do you feel like your posts get lost in the noisy online space?

Maybe your conversion rates leave you pulling your hair out because the landing pages, sales pages and promotional posts you write are simply not moving people to take action...

Which leads to slow to no sales from your online marketing.

You are not alone

In fact, when I started my business, I struggled to 
get people to opt-in even for my free content. 

My blog got little to no traffic and I felt frustrated with all of the time and energy I was putting into my online efforts. 

I never considered myself to be "good" or "bad" writier I just wrote...the downfall was that it was without intention. 

It wasn't until I made an intentional effort to hone my copywriting skills that I started to see a huge ROI on my marketing efforts.

I have since helped hundreds of people through my courses, programs, and services online which is amazing because my "why" is rooted in service. None of that would have been possible if I didn't work on and improve my copywriting skills.

My journey is always a win for you because I share the cold raw truth about it with you so you can grab the lessons, apply them and shortcut your way to success.

It took me years to hone my craft as a content creator who is Impact Driven™...

I ended up having to find strategies that...

  •  Allowed me to show up as my authentic self, not as a copywriting template I was “supposed to use”.
  •  Used foundational principles of persuasion in a way that is from a place of integrity, love, and service.
  •  Were actually effective in moving people through the buying process.
And because I developed my skill and continue to grow and improve, I can teach you techniques that I used to improve my writing skills to help you to short cut that process.

Honing my copywriting craft is the best thing I have ever invested my time or money on in my business. 

Mastering Copywriting did not only help me, 

Meet Amisha...
When we started working together, she was struggling to come up with a consistent online marketing plan for her business.

She was not sure what to post on social media and how to attract the right people into her coaching practice.

The first thing we started working on was creating consistent content that would attract her ideal clients.

We worked on her copywriting to get her posts to resonate with her audience and she started to see a spike in her engagement and conversions.

She and I still work together in a 1:1 setting and when she sends me her marketing material her copy is on point. 

She knows how to speak to and move her ideal clients to take action.

She has truly mastered the art of copywriting and gets to reap the rewards of that.

Just this month, she sold out her group coaching program with ease.

Not just that, she now makes sales daily through her online marketing efforts.

This is what is possible when you hone in on your copy writing skills.

You attract the clients that you want with ease and can sell out your programs online.

How will honing your copywriting help you?
Effective copywriting is the underlying skill that will either make or break every single thing you create online.

You use copywriting for everything in your business from your website, to social media and even your audio and video content. 

If your copywriting does not engage and connect with your ideal clients you will struggle to make any progress with your efforts online.

Or...if you are good at copywriting but it's not aligned with who are you are selling to you simply end up getting all the wrong people into your programs.

Copywriting is a big part of the work I do with my private coaching clients who pay me anywhere from $7K - $15K.

Because, I am all about the impact, I started to ask myself, how can I get my knowledge and expertise and my love of mastery over perfection out into the world in a bigger way?

And the way in which I can do this the most impactfully is through teaching you the most important aspects of honing your copywriting skills in a group environment. 


The Impactful Content Creators Club:
The Virtual Incubator To Master copywriting and Increase Your ROI Online

The Impactful Content Creators Club is a place for you to learn the art and science of copywriting and practice it in a safe and nurturing environment.

 You will learn the psychological principles of persuasion and decide which ones feel aligned for you (and which you will totally skip!).

It is a place for you to improve as a marketer in the online space so that you can effectively move people through the sales process in a way that is filled with integrity and never compromises your values.

This is a place for you to learn the craft you will use most as someone who is marketing your business online.

What do you get?
  •   1 x monthly focus area for you to improve your copywriting craft with prompts ($1,000 value)
  •  1 x Monthly plug and play sheets ($99)
  •  1 x/month 60-minute live group coaching call- opportunity to be coached and ask questions (valued at $800)
  •  Quarterly action challenges (valued at $99)
  •  Unlock surprizes and special treats the longer you are in the club
That's a $1,998 value and here is the best part...

For a limited time the doors to The Impactful Content Creators Club get started today for only $49.

Want to know the best part? 

Join today and get a 7 day free trial....thats right free for the first 7 days.

AND I am adding an extra bonus to sweeten the pot for you.

Special Bonus: Private Facebook Community (Priceless)

And here is the deal, if you don't love it you can just cancel anytime. No questions asked.
Here is what some of my other past client's have said...
Become a master, join us today
I promise that if you show up and do the work you will improve your copywriting skills in this program. 

The way that I have structured it is not like a traditional course or membership site where there is too much information and it just gets overwhelming.  

Instead, I give you one focus area every month with prompts that you can use as part of your regular content and will improve your copywriting skills. 

You get plug and play sheets that guide you through implementing copywriting in really important areas of your business (such as your website).

You will be creating content week after week for the rest of the time you are doing business online, so you might as well join us and improve the effectiveness of all that work.

Become a master at copy, join us in The Impactful Content Creators Club by clicking the button below. 

Can I cancel anytime?
Yep, you can cancel anytime. 
When will I be charged?
You will be charged $49 after 7 days and every month thereafter until you decide to cancel. 
What if I can't attend the live calls?
The live calls will be recorded and you will be given access to them so that you can watch the replay. You will also have a chance to submit your questions prior to the call and I will answer it for you even if you can't be on live.
You might be thinking...Can't I just hire a copywriter?
Yep, you could and a good copywriter costs around $1,000+ for a single page of copy. Most business owners cannot afford to hire a copywriter for ALL of their marketing online (all of your social posts, landing pages, emails, blog posts, video content etc.) so it is a necessary skill to improve.
How is the Facebook group different than your free group?
In my free group, I do not provide coaching or personalized feedback to members. In the private Facebook group for Impactful Content Creators, you will get feedback from myself and the community on the focus area for the month to help you to improve the effectiveness of your marketing. 
What are some examples of the monthly focus areas to improve our copywriting?
Examples include things like learning to become a better storyteller, how to engage the emotional side of the brain to captivate your audience and generate sales, and strategies to increase engagement with your audience. 
What are the plug and play sheets?
Plug and play sheets are templates that you can use in your business right away and show you what to say to make the biggest impact in your marketing. You will be able to personalize them to make sure they are aligned with your message and your brand. Some examples of plug and play sheets that will be released over the next few months are: What to say on your about me page, What to say on Facebook Lives, Opt in page, Emails, Private messages, Bullet points, Home page, Blog Post, Facebook Posts, Requests for guest posting or speaking opportunities and the list goes on.
How are you qualified to teach this?
I have a bachelors degree in psychology and also in nursing. As a nurse, I worked in brain surgery and became obsessed with how the brain works (I read my first neurosurgery book at age 15). Much of that knowledge I have applied to the art and science of persuasion copywriting even though I don't consider myself to be a writer it has been a skill I have honed and improved. I have 12 years of marketing, sales and business experience both on and offline. And lastly, I have helped hundreds of people to grow their online presence through content that is aligned for them.
What is the time commitment?
You can expect to invest about 2 hours a week to create content for 4 platforms. If you don't have a system to help you to do this but are creating content for 1-4 platforms and its taking you longer than this you will actually save a lot of time by joining the program. The prompts will not add to your content load as they will be rotated into your marketing calendar. As we work on your coypwriting through storytelling, psychological principles and also engaging your audience it will become easier over time and therefore take less time long term. 
Will this work for me?
Show up and do the work and you will improve your copywriting craft. Each month you will learn how to become a better storyteller, engage your audience and create the desired action with your audience members. I have coached hundreds business owners from all different fields in my 1:1 practice including coaches, consultants, realtors, authors, creatives selling products of all types, and even people in the medical field. If your business has a presence online (or you want to create a presence online) this program will help you to communicate that message more effectively.
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